( acrylic on canvas, 28”x28” / 70x70 cm. )

“Astro V/S Mickey” year 2017

( gone! )

“Banana Moon” year 2018

“Censored” year 2016

“Let's dance” year 2017

“Like!” year 2012

“Selfportrait as...” year 2017

“XXX Rated” year 2017

“Hello!” year 2012

“Top Secret” year 2018

Sparkling like a birthday cake, my artworks are instantly appreciated for their chromatic arrangements of sweet subjects combined with serious motifs, creating an instantly recognizable synergy of cool elegance and soft sensuality. The paintings are strongly influenced by the fantastic world of cartoons, pop culture, rock music, and worldwide media, all contributing to a unique aesthetic creation. With bold colors, cartoon styling, strident collage and ghoulish rendering of the sacred and profane, these pictures are made to grab your attention and create pure joy for the eyes. The paintings are multilayered, both visually and conceptually. You are first overcome by the colors: glossy, shinning, and brilliant, after you discover the real matter, the sense. I choose, arrange, match, add and stratifie everything with the objective of making us to think and, hopefully finding some answers, while having fun.